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    Double chin

    More commonly known as a “Double Chin”, the submental fat pad is a common place to store excess or unwanted fat. This fat pad is located just below the chin and can give a fuller appearance to the lower face. Many patients desire to reduce fat in this area and create a more defined neck and jawline angle. At Forest Hill Medispa we can improve the appearance of double chin with non-invasive treatments. Afterwards, patients feel more confidence in their appearance and side profile.


    Though often associate with weight gain, excess fat can accumulate in this area in patients who are at a normal, healthy weight as well. Causes of double chin may include:

    • Ageing
    • Genetics
    • Weight Changes
    • Hormone changes
    • Loose skin
    • Diet and Exercise

    Our solutions


    The treatment freezes fat cells in a controlled way using a sucking applicator that adheres to the skin and body. The tissues are thus frozen and fat cells die.



    BELKYRA™ is a non-surgical, FDA-approved cosmetic injectable that is used in adults to reduce submental fullness, or double chin.


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