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    Acne & Acne Scarring

    Acne can be caused by excess oil (sebum) production. Though sebum plays a very important role in keeping our skin hydrated, when produced in excess it cannot flow to the skins surface, which causes clogged pores. P. acnes, a bacteria found on the skin, mixes with this excess oil and results in acne and inflammation.

    In trying to heal, the body forms new collagen fibers to mend the damage, which is when we start to see acne scarring. This scarring may appear as depressed and/or discolored marks on the face. These marks may take many months, or even years to go away on their own, with some types of scarring getting worse as we age. At Forest Hill Medispa, we have a variety of treatments that can reduce and diminish the formation of acne and treat the appearance of acne scarring.


    There are four main factors that contribute to the formation of acne: excess oil, clogged pores, bacteria, and inflammation. There are also certain factors that can trigger or worsen acne symptoms:

    • Heredity/genetics
    • Fluctuating hormone levels
    • Menstruation
    • Picking at sores
    • Wearing tight clothing, helmets, and headgear
    • Stress that increases cortisol levels
    • Oily or greasy personal care products

    Our solutions


    HydraFacial is an invigorating treatment that can hydrate, nourish, and rejuvenate a dull complexion. The patented technology offers a deeper level of cleansing that can bring you a softer, brighter and healthier glow.


    Chemical peels

    A chemical peel offers high quality custom compounded chemical exfoliation to reduce the signs of aging or to eliminate problems such as skin discolorations, acne scars, or enlarged pores.


    CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

    CO2 laser skin resurfacing is an abrasive technique which, through its deep action, promotes the regeneration of a new, healthier skin layers and stimulates the production of collagen during healing.



    Microneedling is a skin treatment that improves the look and health of aging skin. It triggers the production of collagen and elastin to promote skin tightening and renewal.


    PRP Vampire Facial

    A PRP Vampire Facial uses your own platelet rich plasma (PRP) to delay the aging process and reduce early signs of aging, such as fine lines.


    Personalized consultation

    At Forest Hill MediSpa, Toronto, your CARE consultation is always with one of our professional medical estheticians. We would be delighted to schedule your personalized consultation today with our experts.

    We recommend a customized plan specifically for you that’s designed to deliver visible results.

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